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Shanghai BD chemical industrial company is located in Songjiang Economic developmentarea of Shanghai, with thousand tons of inventory in our warehouses next to the Shanghai Wusong seaport. The company can do physiochemical index test, element content analysis and the performance simulation test of main kinds of lubricant additives and so on three main kind of experiments. The brand new Additive laboratory, taking 400 square meters, has been put into us. Professional petroleum engineers are recruited inthe laboratory can serve you with the most simultaneously technology support responding. In

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Place of Origin:China

Model Number: DE-4E7

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Country/Region: China

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Detergent,Ashless dispersant,Zddp(Antioxidant and carrion inhibitor),Extreme pressure and agent,Oiliness additive,Antioxidant and antigum inhibitor,viscosity index improver,Anti-rust additive,Pour point depressant,Antifoam agent,Demulsifier,Metal deactivatior,Brightener,Additive packge for engine oil,Additive packge for gear oil,Additive packge for hydraulic oil,Additive packge for metal working fluid,others,Ciba

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