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We are a team of seasoned developers and software architects. Our team works with a broad list of technologies, being one of our main specialities in Microsoft. NET Framework. <br>Our team is capable of creating solutions from its conception to its completion. We pay close attention to details and our developers follow strict standards to create quality and maintainable software. <br>We can create new solutions or maintain and improve an existing one. <br>We are experts on building customized web and software applications with extensive functionality. <br>It is our objective to provide to our clients with applications that represent strong quality through our experience in the field. We firmly believe in strong quality assurance to avoid mistakes, and all of our applications are run through a rigourous Quality Assurance program. <br>From troubleshooting existing applications, to creating new applications from its conception to its completion, Abakio &quot;delivers it all&quot; with quality and pride. We enjoy our jobs, and this is reflected in our work. <br>We adopt the philosophy of clean, maintainable code in all of our work. An application may function, but if it is put together poorly, the future maintenance costs will easily exceed the development costs. This is why Abakio stands above the rest. We create the application &quot;right&quot; the first time. <br>Our expertise areas are: <br>Languages: C# , VB. NET, Visual Basic, Java, ActionScript 3. 0<br>Technologies: . NET Framework 1. 1 / 2. 0 / 3. 5, Web Services, ADO. NET, WinForms, ORM, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) , ActiveX, COM. <br>Databases: MS SQL Server 2000 / 2005, MS Access, My SQL, Oracle. <br>Server Side Development: . NET, Java SE / EE<br>Server Side Scripting: ASP, ASP. NET, PHP 5. x, JSP. <br>Operating Systems: Windows 2003 Server, Linux, Windows ME / 98 and Windows XP / 2000. <br>Web Server: IIS, Apache, Tomcat. <br>Web 2. 0 Development: XML, XSLT, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver CS4, AJAX, Jquery, JavaScript, VBScript. <br>RIA technologies: Adobe Flex 3. 0 and Flash CS4. <br>

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Abakio Technologies S.A.C


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