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Manufacturer & Exporter of Metaphysical Items like: -Healing Sticks, Pendulums, Tumbledstones, Massag Sticks, Pyramids, Obelisk, Agate Beads, Mercaba stars, Worrystones, Shiva Lingams, Arrow Heads, Indian Zeolites, Himalayan Quartz Family Clusters, Blue Sapphire Tumbled stones, Ruby Tumbled stones, Power Bracelets, Chakra Jewellry, Copper Healing sticks, Agate Jap Mala 108 beads, Chip strings, all types of crystals used in Reiki & Healing. Everything Wholesale Only. . <br>Wholesale Buyers will get special discount on prices. We have a mass production Unit of witha skilled workers and with m

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Agate India


Rabari Wad



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