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Airpath has emerged into a core Networking and Broadband Solutions Company. We are catering to the ever-increasing demand of quality network communications products and solutions. We offer the best technology for connectivity, and also provide real time data, voice and video communications solutions. Today we are a total Networking Solutions Company. <br>We are headquartered in Chennai, India. We have technical tie up's with System Integrators, Service Providers and Regional business partners, thus providing customers with a single point solution for hardware, network management support and service. <br>We specialize in Wireless Networking be it LAN, WAN or MAN. We offer wireless services comprising; solutions and product development. As part of solutions we offer Wireless Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) . We have a strong development and network design group, which enable us to provide total, cost-effective solutions for enterprise-wide data / voice / video connectivity. <br>We implement and expand carried class networks for high speed Internet access, enterprise networks, VPN, primary links for the last mile and backhaul traffic between cell towers and multiple access points. We are a leading Last Mile solutions provider using OFDM and emerging Wi-MAX technologies. <br>We are Providing Solutions for the following: <br>**Point to Point / Point to Multipoint WirelessLAN <br>**Wireless Hotspot / Indoor / Outdoor solutions <br>**Wired LAN <br>**Surveillance Camera Solutions <br>**VOIP Solutions <br>WIRELESS LAN: <br>This Connection is used to connect one office or building to another office or building When hardwiring is not available. <br>CCTV IN BRIEF: <br>Closed Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV) , with varieties of Cameras from conventional CCD Cameras to HIGH SPEEDDOME Cameras is the important factor, which determines the end result. Cameras are selected depending on the coverage area, picture Quality required, Day / Night monitoring and of course the budget. <br>The second part is recording the activities. This could be done with conventional Time Lapse VCR, Digital Multiplexed Recorder (DMR) or the latest Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology. <br>The third part is Monitoring. Monitoring can be done with standard TV, Hi-resolution Monitors (meant especially for this) and Computer VGA monitor with one or more monitors. <br>This could be monitored at your office / home if outside the premises through INTERNET or INTRANET. <br>If connected through INTERNET, then you could monitor your total area activities from any where in the world. <br>Our Customer Co-ordination Group takes care of the regulatory aspects of the clients network and ensures all approvals take the shortest possible time. <br>Our full-fledged Support Center in Chennai gives the least possible down time for system maintenance saving considerable time and money. Besides, we offer several products for ongoing support and services like Comprehensive Maintenance, Carry In Maintenance and On Site support. <br>We deliver value for clients in everything what we do. We not only provide them with the best products, technology and service, but we listen to them, respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate future needs, and earn their business every day. <br>

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