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Alexis Industries<br>is a high volume advertising specialist firm seeking new financial partners. <br>We are soon going to be developing some of the newest and most affordable advertising concepts and mediums on the planet. <br>What we require is funds proven investors for between 800, 000. 00 or larger in u s dollars. <br>What we will earn is around 400, 000. 00 per year that can be split 70 30 between us and our investors. second year will bring in tens of millions to split. <br>We also have new creative electronic mediums that will revolutionize the advertising world within a 500, 000, 000. 00 customer base. <br>I will only work with those who prove funds and who visit me locally in Vancouver Canada yet first ones to do so will make tens of millions within just a few short years. <br>The larger profits will take a few years longer but should be in the hundreds of millions within 5 to 7 years. <br>Full information packet is ready upon request. <br>

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Alexis Industries


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