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Alfa Network Inc. , a leader in wireless networking technologies has designed a complete range of wireless networking products to meet all your network processing needs. Our range of embedded PC board integrates fast speed processors and exciting features to cater to any form of network application. <br>Alfa Network Inc. , has a dedicated team of R& D and Technical Support engineers fully focused on LAN / WAN networking products and is fully committed to developing advanced mass production technology so as to bring cutting-edge technology products to the mass market. <br>Standard Products <br>At Alfa Network Inc. , we design and manufacture our products in-house, eliminating delays caused by third party and providing quality assurance of our products for our customers. Our standard products integrate a range of standard hardware and comprehensive software features which help to kick-start any wireless applications. The company utilizes the very latest design techniques to manufacture high quality wireless radios and, combined with industry proven, dedicated software. <br>Custom Design <br>Alfa Network Inc. provides customized design for applications that require certain features not found on a standard board. Our team of experienced manufacturing engineers has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom boards, and is able to quickly and efficiently bring your design to market within a short time. With our own manufacturing plant, the quality of our products is ensured of meeting your expectations. <br>We are able to provide a total design and manufacture capability to ensure all components integrate and complement one another for excellent reliability and performance. <br>We specializes in: <br>- Embedded Access Point Board-PCBA <br>- Mini-PCI <br>- Enclosure Box (Indoor and Outdoor) <br>- Accessories <br>- Power over Ethernet (PoE) Kits <br>- Wireless Client Adapters <br>- Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Radios. <br>For ease of mind for your wireless application, contact us today. <br>With Best Regards, <br>Morris Su, <br>Alfa Network Inc. , <br>WWW 'dot' alfa 'dot' com 'dot' tw <br>

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Alfa Network Inc


Alfa Network Inc


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