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I'm Mishia Ahn, a manager who working in charge of Russia and CIS Teams in Overseas-sales department of AlphaChem Co., Ltd. <br>We, AlphaChem's Co., Ltd produce Printing ink for Plotter, Refill Kits and Replacement Cartridges for Inkjet Printers, Bulk Ink, OPC Drum and Toner for Laser printer based on &quot;INK-Mate&quot; brand. <br>In the area of Inkjet ink products, we have developed and are distributing pigment inks, dye inks, sublimation inks, solvent-based inks, oil-based inks, as well as desk-jet refill kits and replacement cartridges for OA. In addition to these products, we will continue to complete our development of replaceable cartridges, bypass chips, and a bulk supply system in order to meet customers' demands for any type of ink and cartridges. <br>In early 2003, the Digital Textile Printing system in order to start distributing acid ink, dispersion ink, and reaction ink to the market is now under supply. <br>We have developed and produced an OPC Drum for laser printer in our Factory. <br>Our production capacity has reached 20, 000 package units per months, with completion of the construction work for the production facility, aimed at improving its capacity enabling up to a production of the 20 million package units on a monthly basis. <br>We will try to correct your price positively and do our best to support you from now on. . . <br>If you want to testing our good, I will prepare for dispatching for your consideration. <br>Our Product: Refill Ink and Cartridge (HP, Canon, Epson, LG) <br>Replacement Cartridge (HP, Canon, Epson, LG, Samsung) <br>Dye Sublimation Ink (Bulk Ink) <br>Plotter ink (Dye Ink, Pigment Ink, Solvent Ink) <br>OPC Drum for Laser Printer <br>Recycled Toner Cartridge <br>If you want to know Our Company and detailed our product <br>Please see the Our Home-page in Internet Web Site <br>AlphaChem's Home page: HTTP: / / English. Inkmate. Co. Kr / <br>Looking forward to your positive news. . . . <br>

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Alphchem co.Ltd.


407-1, Maetandong, Yeongtong-Gu, Suwon-City, Gyeonggido, Korea


South Korea

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