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We suppy quality dehydrated food products (including organic food products) at prices which may be lower than your prime costs. Our company is located in Turkey, engaged in importing and exporting business. We have access to farms, which produce best organic foods, and companies that manufacture all kinds of dehydrated food products. They are able to produce in accordance with certain food standards such as ISO 22000: 2005 required by European countries. We would like you to consider the advantage that those producers are located in Aydin and Izmir provinces of Turkey, known with their abundant lands and peculiar climate characteristics. <br>If you just let us know what food products you are interested in, we can provide you with the information including specifications and price of the product interested, or sample in case you might wish for. <br>

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Altug Iceli


Otogar Cikisi Shell



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Dehydrated (Organic Or Conventiona) Food Products

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