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Ambush Camo is a new innovative business which evolved out of our passion for bow hunting deer and bear. <br>Ambush Camo is committed to the designing, testing and manufacturing of hunting products created solely to enable bow hunters to move in closer than ever before to big game. <br>During testing of our tree stand camouflage kits and ground blind kits, it was proved time and time again that hunters can effectively get within five yards of deer, bear and turkeys. It has become so effective that we had to readjust our sights. Let me just say its 100% fair chase hunting at petting zoo distances. <br>Before recommending a product to our customers, we like to know that it is the highest quality product that we can stand behind 100% . We field test every product we carry before we ever offer them publicly to our customers. Many of the items we carry we use on a regular basis while hunting. Hunters can count on the high quality products we carry to give them the best possible hunting experience. <br>

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Ambush Camo


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