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We are in the business of selling chemicals, such as sles(sodium natural (laural) alcohol ethersulfate, labsa (linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid), dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid), and motor oil, hydraulic oil, also engine oil, etc. We sell edible oil (sunflower oil, soybean oil, vanaspati, vegetable ghee, confectionary fat), detergents (liquid hand washing detergent, soap, liquid dish washing detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner, clothe washing detergent powder, washing machine detergent powder, liquid bleach, liquid oven cleaner, body cleaning lotion, clothe softner, dark clothing liquid detergent jean liquid detergent), ; furhtermore <br> <br>We are located in Iran, and we have been established since 2005, and we have had extensive export sales to all over the world, our main customers are internationally based and we have incorporated latest technology such as iit italian compnay technology in the production of sles, labsa, and ddbsa, also we sell motor oil, hyrdraulic oil, diesel oil. We also sell variety of cellulose products (sanitary napkin, diaper, tissue papers in various sizes.

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AMS (Aryan Morvarid Shargh)


Yousef Abad, 11th St. Corner Of Farahani St, Unit 22, First North Floor



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Main Products:

Benzene & ramification

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