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Amvi-usa is one of the most active independent almond exporting companies in the u. S. Whole natural almonds, as well as blanched, sliced and slivered almonds are processed and shipped to companies all over the world. <br>We can supply: <br> <br>In 50 lb cartons: <br> <br>Nonpareil supreme <br>18/20 20/22 22/24 23/25 25/27 27/30 30/32 <br> <br>Carmel/monterey/sonora/22/24 23/25 25/27 27/30 30/32 32/34 <br> <br>California/neplus/mission/butte <br>23/25 25/27 27/30 30/32 32/34 <br> <br>Inshell in 50lb poly bags <br>All us # 1 grade <br>Nonpareil, sonora, price, carme, monterey, neplus and peerless <br> <br>Manufactured in 25 lb cartons <br>Bl diced, bl slised/splits/whole/slivered, bl sliced exta thin, bl fine diced/meal/flour <br>Natura sliced/diced/fine diced/meal <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>

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California almond

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