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Company Profile <br>We are a newly established import and export company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We specialized in Food & Beverages Sector. We are importing, exporting and trading, high quality, world-class products Worldwide. <br>At the moment, we have the following products in our portfolio <br>Wine, Spirits and Beer: <br>1. we are an appointed exclusive agent for LCBO [Ontario, Canada]: <br>1. 1 Two trading companies in Spain, within it are several wineries. <br>1. 2 Sparkling wine producers from Italy. <br>1. 3 A winery from California, USA. <br>1. 4 A winery from Bellegarde, France <br>1. 5 A Cachaca manufacturer from Brazil. <br>1. 6 A manufacturer of a wide range of Spirits from Spain has appointed us as their exclusive agent for LCBO, Ontario, Canada and China. <br>We are also an authorized agent for China from the winery in Canada, Chili, France, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and Ukraine, with a very wide variety and brand, more than 700 of them to choose from. Exclusivity contract is in the works for most of those wineries for both China and Canada. <br>2. we also have the mandate to sell San Miguel Corporation beer products from the Philippines to certain countries outside North America. Makers of the world-known San Miguel Pale Pilsen, there are ten (10) different kinds of beer available right now plus two (2) non alcoholic beverages including the James Boag Premium Beer from Australia. <br>3. we are authorized to sell a wide variety of Unique RUMS and PUNCHES, Manufactured in Reunion [a French territory] to Canada. Agreement for exclusive agency for the Philippines and other countries in Asia including India is under negotiation. <br>4. we are also an authorized agent of a distillery in U. K. for their Scotch whisky to Canada. Agreement for exclusive agency for the Canada, China and the Philippines is under negotiation. <br>5. recently, we just added a complete range of Ready-to-Drink Alcoholic Beverages from Ukraine. Official agent to countries in Caribbean and Philippines. <br>6. we are an exclusive agent appointed to sell Cachaca (special kind of Rum) from Brazil to Canada and abroad specifically China. Two manufacturer of Tequila is under negotiation for exclusive distributor for Canada and Abroad. <br>7. another agency agreement under negotiation is to sell Vodka from USA and Russia to Canada and abroad. <br>Food Products: <br>1. we have canned sardines and mackerel from the Philippines. All of them are USFDA certified and Halal certified. This is for distribution to Canada and abroad. <br>2. we also have a RBD Coconut Cooking Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil which is also a Halal certified. Desiccated Coconut is also available in variety of grade. This is for distribution in Canada and abroad. <br>3. we also have Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Regular Olive Oil from Italy and Spain which are available in variety of packaging. For distribution to Canada and abroad. <br>4. we have available canned tomato paste, diced tomato and peeled whole tomato all in different can sizes. For distribution to Canada and abroad. <br>5. we also have different kinds of canned fruits i. E. Canned pineapple sliced, canned fruit cocktails, dried fruits, powdered natural or sugar added fruit drinks and fruit juices. For distribution to Canada and abroad. <br>It is our intention to continually expand our portfolio by engaging ourselves to high-quality, world-class products. We work tirelessly to look for suitable products to be added in our portfolio. <br>I hope that our company portfolio interest you. I look forward to be doing this exciting business opportunity with you. <br>

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