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The Apex Plastic Group consists of the following four companies: <br>1) Apex Plastics Company Limited <br>Products: PVC film & sheet, floor covering, canvas, tarpaulin, PVC rigid sheet, sponge leather, solid leather <br>Production capacity: 108, 000 metric tons / Year <br>Apex Plastics produces different kinds <br>Of plastic products: <br>Clear PVC sheet, color PVC sheet both / without printing (over 300 print designs & more than 2, 000 colors) , wood grain covering, pond and reservoir lining, rigid PVC sheet for packaging, <br>Sponge leather, solid leather and celluloid sheet. <br>Apex Plastics is now the largest calendering company in South East Asia. <br>Apex Plastics products can be grouped into four broad categories: <br>1. Linoleum and sponge floor covering <br>2. Solid Leather and sponge leather <br>3. Soft PVC sheet in clear, color or print <br>4. Rigid PVC sheet in transparent, color or metallic coating <br>2) Apex Petrochemical Company Limited <br>Products: PVC resin (Suspension) <br>Production capacity: 120, 000 metric tons / Year <br>Apex Petrochemical Co Achieved certifications: <br>ISO 9002 International Quality Standard System <br>ISO 14001 International Environment Quality Management System <br>OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System <br>3) Ao Chemicals Company Limit <br>Products: Plasticizers DOP and DINP <br>Production capacity: 30, 000 metric tons / year. <br>Ao Chemicals has received worldwide recognition by <br>Meeting or exceeding international certifications from: <br>Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS K 6753-1977) <br>The American Society for Testing and Materials <br>( ASTM D 1249-81, ASTM D 1045-86) Thai Industrial Standard Institute: Certificate of Laboratory Accreditation TIS 1300 (ISO / IEC Guide 25) <br>4) Star Universal Company Limited <br>Products: Bags & Luggage, Rainwear, Shower Curtains, wardrobe closets, suit bags Etc. <br>Production capacity: 9, 600 metric tons / Year <br>Star Universal, manufactures finished consumer goods such as rain coats, shower curtains, various types <br>Of travel and carry on bags, specially PVC products and items for different international market leading brands. <br>

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