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ENDO is a textile agency founded with the aim of providing a professional service to the worldwide clients needs.<br><br>Our company which is located in Istanbul Turkey, operates in the field of apparel with a full service understanding and is effectuating exports towards many countries as well as imports from them.<br><br>Our most important priority is to satisfy our clients expectations and to obtain the attractive price bracket and the needed quality standards.<br><br>Main philosophy is to serve our customers professionally in all stages of order processes, beginning from procurement, pricing and sampling till in-line and final quality controls .<br><br>As we believe that our customers are our partners , there is always a rapid and true information line between our suppliers, our office and customers.Our partners well formed and work with world trademarks.<br><br>We always keep our energy to be result oriented.Specialization, experience and dynamism are the major reasons for our companies success.<br><br>ENDO performs the service commission agreements according to the clients choice.<br><br>It can perform the special collection researches and charge them to its clients or suppliers.<br><br>Yours faithfully

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Ibrahimaga CAD. 2. Emintas San. Sitesi No: 20 / 92



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