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Copy from Digital Check Corporation (WWW. Digitalcheck. Com) : <br>&quot;Artekay Group, is an authorized and certified main distributor of Digital Check Scanners in Turkey and neighboring countries. Artekay Group is the proven industry leader in helping Finance Sector successfully transistion to image processing and electronic payments in Turkey. &quot; <br>Artekay Technology Ltd established in 1992, has adopted enabling its customers to gain the highest added value from the Products and Services provided within a reliable, permanent, and innovative cooperation by meeting their needs and expectations regarding Information Technology Solutions as its mission, carries the honour of being one of the biggest system integrators in the Financial sector in Turkey. <br>Artekay, which has also contributed to the creation of the Turkish Information Technologies Sector to a large extent, is continuing to produce solutions in line with the requirements of its customers while assisting in the development of the system. In this respect, Artekay is an Information Technology Company with a 100% Turkish capital, which has preserved its characteristic of being one of the leading players of the Turkish Information Technologies Sector for long years. <br>Artekay would like to extend its experiences and success to neighbour countries, Middle East and Africa. We would like to make cooperations with companies dealing or want to do the same business and create mutual advantages. <br>

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Artekay Group


Perpa Ticaret Merkezi B Blok No: 1853 K: 10-11 Okmeydani Sisli



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Tellerscan 230-35

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