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Befar Group is located in the connecting point of Jinan Capital Economic Circle, Peninsula Economic Circle and Surrounding Bohai Economic Circle. With Bohai Sea to the north and Yellow River to the south, Befar Group enjoys superior location. Befar Group was established in 1968, and was put into operation in 1970. Now Befar Group has already developed into a comprehensive chemical enterprise with outstanding principal work and complete industrial chain including refinery chemical, refined chemical, chloro-alkaline, thermoelectricity, port storage and investment. Befar Group owns 9 member companies, named as Befar Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Befar Investment Co., Ltd., Zhong-hai Asphalt Co., Ltd., and more. <br> <br>Befar Group's products include refined oil, asphalt, chemical, industrial use auxiliary and other related products. With total property of 8.246 billion Yuan, Befar Group has already attained GB/T19001, GB/T24001 and GB/T28001 quality, environmental and occupational health and safety certifications. <br> <br>The core company of Befar Group, Befar Group Co., Ltd. with registered capital of 330 million Yuan, mainly produces propane oxide, caustic soda, industrial use auxiliaries and fine chemicals. We are the largest supplier of propane oxide and auxiliaries, the most important caustic soda producer, and the earliest producer of oilfield auxiliaries in China. Befar owns one provincial-level technology center and one national-level postdoctoral workstation. <br> <br>Our producing and marketing capability of propane oxide is 160 thousand tons annually, with market share up to 25%. Our annual capability of caustic soda is 420 thousand tons, with market share in Shandong Province of 6.8%. The market share of our industrial use auxiliaries is 30%. &quot;Befar&quot; brand caustic soda is granted as &quot;National Inspection-free Product&quot; by AQSIQ. &quot;Befar&quot; brand caustic soda and propane oxide is granted as &quot;Shandong Famous Brand&quot;. Also our trademark is granted as &quot;Shandong Province Famous Trademark&quot; by Shandong Province Trade and Industry Bureau. <br> <br>Befar Group has developed greatly through series of reform measures such as structure reform, capital operation and the integration of lower and upper industry strategies. In 2008, the sales revenue of Befar Group reached 18 billion Yuan. <br> <br>With profit of 465 million Yuan and tax payment of 2.1 billion Yuan, Befar Group has been awarded as &quot;the Fourth of China's Top 500 Chemical Companies&quot; and &quot;the 287th of China's Top 500 Enterprises&quot;. Befar has also won many other honors, such as &quot;National May 1 Labor Certificate&quot;, &quot;National Contract Stressing and Trustworthy Enterprise&quot;, &quot;2008 Chinese Chemical Industry Enterprises in Technological Innovation Model&quot;, &quot;Shandong Province Outstanding Enterprise With Management Innovation&quot;, and &quot;Chinese Advanced Productive Forces Research Sample Base&quot;. <br> <br>Through decades' development, Befar Group has the production capacity of 500,000t/y of salt, 420,000t/y of caustic soda, 180,000t/y of PO, 120,000t/y of PVC, 40,000t/y of TCE and other related plants. In addition, we also have the power-generating capacity of 100,000kwh/y. Our products have been sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America and Australia, more than 30 countries and regions. At the same time, in order to make full use of overseas resources, Befar Group had started to import the resources of propylene from other Asian countries by the end of 2008, about 4000 tons every month. In order to take full advantage of our port resources, Befar Group have started to build 6 spherical tanks of 2000 cubic meters each since May, 2009. These tanks will be mainly used for the import and storage of propylene, and the target resources are mainly neighboring countries and ocean cargoes.

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Caustic soda pearls,Caustic soda pearls,Caustic soda pearls,Caustic soda pearls

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