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Beijing Giant Hemu Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading advanced technology company founded by China Environment Fund, LP, managed by Tsing Capital Co. Ltd. (THVC), and supported by ADB, IFC and FMD, Capital Steel Group, LESS and other domestic investors. The mission of Giant Hemu is to develop novel resource-recycling solutions, promoting the environmental protection level by transferring pollutant from market-imperative products. <br> <br>Giant Hemu has successfully solved the pollution in wheat straw based paper mills by developing an advanced clean pulping technology, and transferring the &quot;black liquor&quot; into lignin-related products and organic fertilizers. Based on this technology, Giant Hemu has built up a model plant for clean pulping and comprehensive utilization of &quot;black liquor&quot; at Jiyuan, Henan Province. Our success in the model plant encourages Giant Hemu to develop other two paper plants at LinZhang, Hebei Province. The second model plant for resourcing comprehensive utilization is in progress. After the reconstruction is completed, Giant Hemu will have an annual production capability of 100,000 tons of raw lignin, 100,000 tons of pulp and 150,000 tons of natural fertilizer. Our company intends to achieve an annual profit of $4.1 million. <br> <br>Giant Hemu was regarded as the most potential cool company in China in early 2006 by the famous Fortune (Chinese version) Magazine, and was ranked as &quot;One of Top 100 Most Investment Valuable Enterprises in China&quot; in 2006. Giant Hemu seeks to become the largest company in lignin based natural polymer in China. Additionally, we develop other advanced clean technologies for the protection of global environment. <br> <br>Giant Hemu is on the way for the whole world to achieve a harmonic interaction between human being and nature.

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Beijing Giant Hemu Technology Co., Ltd.


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