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Established in June of 2000, Beijing Yeke Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. belongs to YEKE Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Our company is located in Yangzhen Demonstration Base of New Technology Token-up and Transformation, Shunyi District of Beijing, very close to Beijing Capital International Airport. Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in developing, producing and selling magnetic cores made of amorphous- and nano-crystalline ribbons. Mature products include amorphous- and nano-crystalline ribbons and various magnetic cores, such as cores for current transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, switching power supply transformer, common-mode choke, precision current transformer of instruments, filter inductor, different-mode choke and magnetic amplifier, as well as large current choke core with gap and C-type core. Now, the production capacity of amorphous and nano-crystalline magnetic cores is about 80 million per year. <br> <br>Our company pays much attention to the technical progress and innovation, and has been actively strengthening our own technical force for years. Our company has long-term cooperation with many universities, institutes and experts. This guarantees strong competitive strength in respect of new product development and product quality, and the ability to meet requirements of variety and quality. <br> <br>For many years, our company has always been demanding ourselves with the standard of &quot;highest quality and best service&quot;. Our company was awarded the third prize of &quot;Beijing Golden Bridge Project&quot; in 2002, and was approved as &quot;the Beijing Torch Program&quot; by Beijing Municipal Science and Technical Commission in 2003. In May of 2003, the project of &quot;Nano-Crystalline Ribbons and Magnetic Core with High Permeability&quot; was declared as &quot;Beijing High and New Technology Achievement Transformation Project&quot;. At the same time, our products were listed in &quot;the National Key and New Products Program&quot;. Our company has passed through ISO9001/2000 Quality Management System Certification successfully. The research results in the field of magnetic materials were awarded the first prize of &quot;Science and Technology of Shunyi District&quot; in 2006. The research results in the field of ribbons and magnetic cores were awarded the third prize of &quot;Science and Technology of Beijing&quot; in 2007.

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Beijing Yeke Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.


3-4,Zong Er Road,Yangzhen Demonstration Base,Shunyi District,Beijing



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Noncrystalline core

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