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Bekker Gauche Group consists of five entities namely, Pearl Pride Promotions, Bekker Gauche Trading, Bekker Gauche Furniture, Bekker Gauche Landgoed and the holding entity, Bekker Gauche Trust, whom is an institutional shareholder of the Namakwa Diamond Group.<br><br>Bekker Gauche Landgoed is an experienced company in the field of Agriculture. With over 40years of involvement in the agricultural sector, producing Sugar Cane, Cotton, Guar Beans, Pineapples, Sisal, Macadamia Nuts, Pecan Nuts, Papayas, Casava, Maize, Soya Beans, Wheat, Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Exotic Birds, the company forms an integral part of the success of the Group.<br><br>Bekker Gauche Trading concentrates on the export trade and focuses on exporting fresh produce, mineral ore and diamonds from the Southern African Region to markets in Africa, the Middle and also Far East. As a result of it's connection with Bekker Gauche Landgoed and Namakwa Diamonds, Bekker Gauche Trading can offer customers a far better service than other companies whom has no experience in the Agricultural or Mining field. <br><br>Bekker Gauche Furniture has been involved in the furniture industry since the early 1990's. Originally starting out as a manufacturer of Pine Furniture for the local South African market, the company has now expanded into a real force to reckon with in the African market. Nowadays, the company also imports furniture from the East and then distributes from its base in South Africa to many retail outlets throughout Africa. The company's main customers consists of retail outlets for indoor and outdoor furniture as well as contract type customers involving office furniture, hospital furniture and the hospitality industry.<br><br>As an institutional shareholder of the Namakwa Diamond Group, whom is a company listed on the LSE, the Bekker Gauche Trust can offer a vast range of polished diamonds to the world market. Our diamonds are polished in Namakwa Diamond's own factories and because of this companies vertical integration policy we can assure our customers of the highest quality polished diamonds from Namakwa's own mines.

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Bekker Gauche Group


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