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ABOUT US <br>We can increase your sales volume, making you great profits! <br>We are BEST INTERNATIONAL, Italy, a marketing company based in Europe-Italy and we are here in the search to locate quality and products we could develop or get marketing rights sell to our customers and introduce to new markets. <br>We are particularly looking for products in the following categories: <br>Consumer Products in general <br>Digital and Informational Products <br>Green friendly and Ecology Products <br>Personal Safety and Security Products <br>Gadgets in general <br>Giftsware <br>Homeware <br>Garden care and tools <br>Garden care and tools <br>Computer and Accessories <br>Travelling kits and products <br>Luxury Goods <br>Industrial Equipment and applications <br>Building Equipment and applications <br>Fashion and Accessories <br>What can we do to your products? <br>We can take your products to a new level and making you great profits using our result focused marketing solutions: Fast distribution, smart access to new and wider market niches and dramatically increase your sales volumes. <br>What are we looking for? Marketing Exclusives to European and New markets. <br>Here is our 3 Proposals <br>1. Exclusive or non-exclusive marketing license to European and new markets <br>We offer to pay you commissions (which you could set) for each item sold. It is a win / win situation for you. <br>2. Private labels rights <br>We offer to buy your reprint rights, resale rights or a license to private label your product, software or web site. <br>3. Distribution channel exclusives <br>We can market and promote your products in one or more distribution channels and niche markets without interfering in your current marketing efforts. <br>Please contact us with details and conditions of your offers and we will be glad to work with you. <br>Contact Information <br>Mr. Gabriel Iwe, Operations Director <br>DirectLine: + 393337794165 <br>BEST INTERNATIONAL, Italy <br>The Research and Development Office (TROD) <br>Casella Postale 193 <br>24100 Bergamo Centro BG <br>Italy <br>

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