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Your Global T-Shirt Supplier From Turkey <br> <br>We have the honour of introducing BLT Trading Co. As a leading foreign trade company in the field of t-shirts in Turkey for 2 years. We have serious contacts with almost biggest t-shirts manufacturers in Turkey that are about 20 manufacturers. Our major business contacts was concluded with enterprises in Eastern Europe and North America; Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Poland, Scandinavia and Canada more specifically. <br> <br>Aspiring to be Your Global T-Shirt Supplier, BLT is committed to reliability, total quality and unconditional customer service. By having quotations from huge domestic manufacturers, we present best quality with best terms. As a result of these intensive connections with Turkish t-shirt manufacturers, we have many stocklots of t-shirts on hand at the moment. <br> <br>Besides, our product collection of t-shirts are as below: <br>100% cotton: (combed cotton/mercerized) <br> <br> <br>Besides these, please be informed that all kinds of orders with different yarn compositions and packaging are welcomed. <br>

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BLT Trading Co.


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