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Botanic meadow LLC was founded on a deep desire to provide a natural and good for the skin [and soul] bath and body care regiment.<br><br>Our handcrafted soaps are made the old fashioned way with saponified food grade, vegetable oils. Aromatherapy is an intricate part of how we make our soaps, lotions, bath salts, bath gels, bath oils, and powders. With our products you bring into your home a reflection of the beauty and blessings found in nature's botanicals.<br><br>Our official logo is the lavender meadow beauty flower. The meadow beauty is a wild flower that is found throughout the eastern United States but particularly along the atlantic coastal plains.<br><br>Botanic meadow LLC is located in the great midwestern metropolis of kansas city. Many of our ingredients are home grown in either missouri or kansas in support of our local economy.<br><br>Our goal is to encourage healthy living not only through what we ingest but also by providing luxurious feeling and smelling products that are great for your skin. We take great pride in all our products and we hope you will enjoy using them just as we have enjoyed using them with our families and sharing them with you.

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Botanic Meadow, LLC


3701 Tracy


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All natural bath and body care products and accesories.,All natural bath and body care products and

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