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About CW Crab: <br>Serious fishermen know it's all about matching the hatch. <br>This basically means matching your bait to what the fish are naturally feeding on at the time. Being able to duplicate the bait and present it in a natural way, can mean the difference between fishing and catching or fishing and wishing! <br>This very concept has LED to the invention of the CW CRAB. <br>It's a well known fact that ALL inshore gamefish love to eat baby crabs. Cw CRAB is a patented crankbait lure, that has been in development for over fifteen years. The idea was to create a lure that looked and tracked like a real baby crab. The final design consists of the lure's shell and swim fins being molded from a real blue crab. No matter how the lure lands in the water it immediately inverts to the retrieval position. Once in the water the clear keel and bill disappear, giving the embossed legs a suspended appearance. When retrieved in water all of these realistic features come together to perfectly imitate a live baby crab. You can apply some of your favorite crab scent for the ultimate deception. <br>CW CRAB has been extensively tested on striped bass with phenomenal results. <br>Sea trout, flounder and channel catfish have also been caught. Cw CRAB looks so realistic that while testing the lures and applying peeler crab scent, real crabs would sometimes attach themselves to the top of the lure. Crabs naturally do this to protect each other when they are peeling / molting / shedding. Blue crab go through several shedding phases each year. So when fishing inshore waters, bays and tidal rivers in pursuit of striped bass, redfish, tarpon, permit, bonefish, snook, sea trout (gray and specks) , cobia, black drum and any others you can think of! Even largemouth bass in tidal areas! Try tying on a CW CRAB and be the crab! <br>CW CRAB is available in three different models. <br>Floater, suspender and sinker to match any fishing scenario you may encounter. Cw CRAB makes a great shallow water bait, working a floater slowly on or just under the surface. All three models can be retrieved slowly in shallow water and walked across the bottom. When fishing in current or strong tidal flow, always retrieve the lure with the current. A great tactic is to cast up current of any type of structure. Swim the CW CRAB naturally through, over or even bump it against the structure. Retrieve slowly, pausing from time to time letting the lure go with the current like a real crab. Just be the crab with CW CRAB. <br>

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