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Shanghai Jinyuan Furniture Co., Ltd<br><br>Imagine a lifestyle full of change and variety/noble and luxurious elegant kitchen cabinet<br><br>A Quality with Distinction<br><br>Constructed of the finest solid wood, holding the spirit of our earth, these express the feeling and depth of nature. They bring nobility into any kitchen.<br><br>Places of Memory<br>Their texture and fine detail convey the memories of a traditional home. <br><br>An Artistic Air<br>The pleasure of a home is most clearly expressed in the kitchen. Here, you are in a good mood. The world of the kitchen should be private and clear as well as fashionable.<br><br>City attraction<br>Modern design seeks both to encourage introspection and to arouse the passion of life. The stillness of marble, the simplicity of solid wood-these together produce a profound flavor that helps to create a cozy home scene.<br><br>Jinyuan integral kitchen solid wood cabinet<br>Originally from the U.S., Jinyuan is now located in Shanghai. Our products are exported to the U.S., Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world.<br><br>Since the concept of Jinyuan &quot;integral solid wood kitchen cabinet&quot; and its fashionable way of living were introduced into China, the Jinyuan technology has undergone continuous innovation. The most modern advances in technology and the traditional Chinese kitchen culture have been combined and enhanced, turning Jinyuan into an international supplier of the &quot;Jinyuan solid wood kitchen cabinet&quot; as an integral cabinet and thus bringing happiness and a feeling of well-being to thousands of families around the world. <br><br>Despite its growing popularity, Jinyuan, however, sticks to the principle &quot;Quality and Customer Satisfaction are Paramount&quot; and to maintaining its high standards. Jinyuan's mastery of the fashionable design concept can ensure that even a customer's smallest requirements can be turned into reality with ease. Therefore, the creation of a perfect kitchen space can be realized, one not just for cooking, but a place also for happy family communication and togetherness.

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Cenfree Stationery Co.,Ltd


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