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We are one of the most aggressive marketing company for chemicals based in los angeles, we have been dealing in chemicals for more than a decade now, we repesent asian chemical companys, european, middle eastern as well as east european co. We invite you to check our website wher you will find list of chemicals, petrochemicals, plastic, organic, fertilizer, inorganic, pharmacuticals. We invite all manufturers to seek our help to market their products and also invite the enduser, the user of the products to try us for the most competitive price, quality of service. <br>Product & spec. <br>Sodium hexametaphosphate <br>Sodium triphosphate ( stpp )p2o5 <br>Sodium saccharin <br>Sodium hypophosphite <br>Sodium ferrocyanide <br>Sodium metabisulfite (na2s2o5) food grade <br>Sodium molybdate min <br>Sodium hyposulphate <br>Sodium acetate <br>Sodium dichloroisocynurate <br>Monosodium phosphate, <br> <br>Monosodium phosphate, <br>Trisodium phosphate <br>Trisodium phosphate anhydrous <br>Monopotassium phosphate <br>Potassium carbonate <br>Potassium hydrate 90%(white flake) <br>Potassium ferrocyanide <br>Potassium chlorate <br>Potassium perchlorate <br>Potassium nitrate <br>Potassium permanganate bp98 <br>Calcium chloride <br>Calcium hypochlorite <br>Calcium nitrite <br>Di calcium phosphate feed grade <br>Tri calcium phosphate feed grademanganese sulphate mono. (powder)(granular)manganese bromide <br>Ferrous sulfate mono, granular <br>Ferrous sulfate mono, powder <br>Zinc sulphate mono in powder <br>Zinc sulphate mono in granular <br>Zinc borate b2o3: Passing <br>Zinc phosphide <br>Arsenic trioxide <br>Barium hydroxide mono <br>Barium nitrate, <br>Phosphorus acid <br>Red phosphorus <br>Borax decahydrate na2b4o7 10h2o min <br>Formic acid <br>Nitric acid <br>Hydrobromic acid <br>Dimethyl sulphoxide <br>Antimony trioxide <br>Lithium hydroxide mono <br>Litophone <br>Thiourea <br>Ammonium bifluoride <br>Strontium nitrate <br>Blue silica gel 2-5 mm <br>Citric acid mono. Bp <br>Citric acid anhy bp/usp <br>Sodium citrate bp93 <br>Oxalic acid <br>Sodium benzoate bp93 powder <br>Benzoic acid tech <br>Potassium sorbate fcc3 <br>Dl-malic acid <br>L-lysine feed gradeglucono delta <br>Lactone (gdl) fcc iii <br>Guanidine hydrochloride <br>Guanidine <br>Carbonate <br>Triethylorthoformate <br>1,3-dimethyl-2-imidazolidinone <br>L-camphor sulphonic acid <br>Salicylic acid usp23 <br>P-chlorobenzotrifluoride <br>3-methylanisole <br>Sassafras oil, <br>O-toluic acid <br>M-toluic acid <br>Dl-tartaric acid <br>Tartaric acid bp93 <br>N, n - carbonyl dimidazole <br>Imidazole <br>Crysteamine hydrochloride <br>Gamma butyrolactone <br>Methane sulfonyl chloride <br>Para-hydroxybenzoate <br>Methyl paraben bp93 <br>P-toluene sulfonamide ( ptsa ) <br>M-chloroaniline <br>Dimethyl malonatealpha-naphthol <br>Para hydroxy benzoic acid ( phba ) min99.5% min <br>P-aminoacetanilide (paa) <br>Ethyl cyano acetate 99.0% minp-benzoquinone <br>Hydroquinone photo grade <br>Sulphanilic acid <br>Cyanuric chloride <br>1-naphthol-5-sulfonic acid <br>N-propyl bromide <br>Diethylene glycol mono methyl ether <br>Tertiary amyl alcohol <br>Chlorinated paraffin <br>Xanthan gum <br>

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