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Chengdu Newworld Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, integrating the scientific research, production, sale and technical service of inorganic mine chemicals and fine chemicals. Established in November of 2004, our company is located in Chengdu City of China, the southwest political, cultural and economic center, enjoying convenient transportation by air and road, rich mineral resource and unique advantage. Our company has a qualified team, including domestic well-known bentonite and dimer acid engineers, and has made fine achievement in technical innovation, achievement transfer, market development, business management, etc. <br> <br>Our company uses unique resources of Sichuan Bentonite and has developed bentonite series of products through careful screening and craft optimization: dimer acid bentonite, lithium bentonite, sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite, feed bentonite, activated clay and granular clay. Our products are widely used in dimer acid polyamide resin, casting, coating, ceramic, mud, feed, asbestos thermal insulation material, agricultural chemicals, well drilling, animal vegetable oil and petroleum fining decolorization, food, chemical industry, national defense, medicine health and other industries. Our product quality has achieved or surpassed professional national standards. <br> <br>Our independently researched and developed dimer acid and polyamide resin synthesis technology, which uses Sichuan bentonite as primarily catalyst, has greatly surpassed the domestic same level on product quality and product yield (dimer acid colour: <7#, viscosity: 5000~10000cp/250C, yield: 8~10% higher than the same industry). Serialized product plan: dimer acid, monomer acid, co-soluble polyamide resin, alcohol soluble polyamide resin, liquid polyamide resin and polyamide hotmelt adhesive. This enables our enterprise to adjust product mix nimbly and can respond to the market easily in the intense market competition. So far, our company has successfully designed 1,000MT, 4,000MT and 10,000MT of various chemicals annually. We have successfully provided modified designs for domestic medium fat chemical enterprises and many dimer acid polyamide resin factories and also strong technical services for fine chemical industry enterprises. <br> <br>Our company gained independent import and export right on January 8, 2008. All of our staff will take developing overseas market as the center, further set up a good enterprise global image and will try hard with our global strategy to struggle in future work! <br> <br>Our company welcomes new and old customers from at home and abroad to cooperate with us in scientific research and development, product application, technical service and marketing. We will cooperate friendly with all customers and advance together hand in hand in with fine quality products at favorable prices, good reputation and good services!

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Chengdu Newworld Technology Co., Ltd.


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