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We are please to inform you that we are one of the leading pen manufacturers in india over last 20 years and supplying to all leading brands. <br> <br>Our products: <br> <br>Pens& ball pens: We make pens, ball pens, roller sets in marble, <br>Grenite, acrylic, metals and wood. We also make pens as per the <br>Sample or designs. <br> <br>Pen clips: - <br> <br>We are also manufacturing all kind of metal clips as per your design, <br>Sample with your logo or brand on it. <br> <br>We have in house electroplating plants which help you to get the clips of <br>Your desiour finish like, nickle, chrome, satin& flash or micron gold finish. <br> <br>Paper clips: - <br> <br>We have also introduce one innovative paper clips which hold from 1-30/35 paper at time. No hole, or pin need to be used. <br> <br>We are please to work with you on long term basis. <br> <br>You can also check our web for our range of products.

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Pen clips& plating plants

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