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Company Compass was founded in 1995 in Kiev, Ukraine. Since then Compass established and developed several successful directions in its business. From 1999 the company ranks among 10 top Ukrainian suppliers of computers and office equipment. <br>At the beginning of 2001 Compass' dealer network counted more than 300 companies, which represent all Ukrainian regions. Compass has official distributing agreements with 27 manufacturers of computer components and with 17 manufacturers of Hi-Fi equipment. <br>At this moment our retail chain &quot;Giga Bait&quot; includes 12 shops (5 in Kiev, Ukraine's capital, and 7 in other towns) . Our shops are situated around the Kiev-from historical and cultural center to residential areas. <br>Main activities: <br>Distribution of computers and its components <br>Distribution of Hi-Fi audio / video equipment <br>Development of retail chain &quot;Giga Bait&quot; <br>Assembling of computers under trade name &quot;Delfics&quot; and &quot;Compass&quot; (all production are certified in the State system UkrSepro and complied with international certification system ISO 9001) . <br>Official distribution of computers and components <br>Company Production <br>ABIT TW Motherboards and videocards <br>Albatron TW Motherboards and videocards <br>APOLLO TW UPS <br>Chaintech Videocards, memory modules <br>Chieftec Chassis (base units) , server equipments <br>Innovision TW Videocards <br>ECS TW Motherboards and videocards <br>Foxconn TW Motherboards, coolers, chassis (base units) <br>FSP Power supply units <br>KM Korea Chassis (base units) <br>Lantech TW Network equipment <br>Leadtek Research Inc. Motherboards and videocards <br>Logitech Computer accessories, multimedia devices <br>Luxeon HK Computer acoustics, home theaters <br>Maca Link TW Computer acoustics, cases man <br>Mustek Scanners, DVD players, digital cams, UPS <br>Palit TW Videocards <br>PC Partner HK Motherboards and videocards <br>Pine TW Motherboards and videocards <br>PowerColor TW Videocards <br>Pro Net TW Motherboards <br>Sapphire Motherboards and videocards <br>Soltek TW Motherboards and videocards <br>Storm Chassis (base units) , computer acoustics, keyboards, mouse pointing devices <br>Titan Germany Coolers <br>Wiretek TW Cords, cables, connectors <br>Zalman Korea Coolers, videocards <br>Import, partnership, dealership, contract deliveries <br>Company Production <br>Abit Motherboards <br>Acer Notebooks <br>ACORP Modems <br>Albatron Motherboards <br>AMD CPU <br>APC UPS <br>Apollo UPS <br>ASROCK Motherboards <br>ASUS Motherboards, notebooks <br>Belinea Monitors <br>Canon Digital equipment, printers <br>Codegen Chassis (base units) <br>Color sit Chassis (base units) <br>CREATIVE Computer acoustics <br>DELL Notebooks <br>ECS Motherboards <br>Scanners, printers <br>Foxconn Motherboards, chassis (base units) , coolers <br>GIGABYTE Coolers <br>GVC Modems <br>HP Scanners, printers, notebooks <br>Intel CPU, motherboards, network equipment <br>Lexmark Printers, memory modules <br>LG Monitors, notebooks <br>Logitech UPS <br>Maxtor Hard drives <br>Microsoft Software <br>KM Korea Chassis (base units) <br>NEC Monitors <br>Nikon Digital equipment <br>NVidia Videocards <br>OKI Printers <br>Olympus Digital equipment <br>Rover Notebooks <br>Samsung Monitors, notebooks, hard drives, memory modules, printers <br>Sapphire Videocards <br>Seagate Hard drives <br>Sony Monitors <br>Storm Computer acoustics, chassis (base units) <br>Toshiba Notebooks <br>Titan Coolers <br>Western Digital Hard drives <br>Xerox Printers <br>Zalman Coolers <br>ZYXEL Modems <br>

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