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Our company started in 1990 and most or our products are for sports Wears. Gears, accesories, tools and others. <br>Our products classifications are for, motor bikes, skateboards, climbing, camping, motocross, mountain bikes, practical shooting and we have just added the archery equipment and accesories 2 years ago (2004) . <br>Since then, we were more on the sales of Archery equipments beacause it is more becoming popular here in our Country. But because of the high price of such equipments, most of our customers are looking for a quality and less expensive bow and arrows and even want to look for used or second hand archery equipment. <br>With your Website, we hope we could find what we are looking for to satisfy all our customers here in Baguio City and in the Mountain Province in the Philippines. <br>

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cordillera archer's circle


Km. 12, Halsema High Way



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