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We Creative. Com started in 2000-2001 as a computer center and diversifed its activities through Exporting cereals and handicrafts. We are exporters of cereals mainly beaten rice. <br>Beaten rice is made from paddy and is a low cost whole some food with good nutritional value, and delicious taste. It is a traditional Indian snack that has several variations. It can be taken in different forms-raw, fried, with curd or milk and therefore has mass appeal. Since it is made from rice, it is easy to digest. We are also exports Hand made models of theyyam (folk art of northern parts of kerala the gods own country) , kathakali the heritage art of kerala and other handicrafts which are used for interior decoration. Like models of boat (vallom) , bagavathgeetha, natraja and other spiritual Indian epic heros and incidents. We also deal with handicrafts made out of brass. If u have any design or model our engineers will made it by using brass. <br>

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Cereals For Breakfast,Cereals For Breakfast

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