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We like to introduce our company as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Finished Leather for Garments & Gloves in Karachi, Pakistan. We are giving below the synopsis of our company for your further information- <br>* That, we are producing around 500, 000 sq. ft. Sheep and Goat finished leather every month in varieties of articles for garment, such as Aniline, semi-aniline, buffed, semi-buffed, pull-up, stonewash, etc. etc. for export. <br>* Our products are free from health hazardous chemicals. <br>We have very good and friendly relationship with our customers <br>We are regularly Selling: sheep skin finished leather, goat skin finished leather, wet blue sheep skins, wet blue goat skins, gloves. <br>We are regularly Buying: wet blue sheep skins, wet blue goat skins. <br>

Company Introduction

Company Details:

Crony International Sourcing


127 / 4, Al-Hamra Co-Operative Housing Society, off Tipu Sultan Road



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Main Products:

Finished Leather

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