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We can supply a kind of dooryard/garden umbrella. It has the function of avoiding the ultraviolet radiation from the sunshine and standing firmly when the gale. Because add a air vent specially so that to be feeling the more nice and cool for the peoples under the umbrella. The surface of the framework(riband pole) are processed by electrostatic coat so that to be beautiful to look at, and the pole is made of two parts, the two section are connected by the screwing within the pipe top each other. The whole raw material is come from us. The machining is completed in china. The size and the features as follows: <br> <br>High:2.5m <br>Open diameter:3m <br>Colour: Milk white <br> <br>Rib:8 <br>Pole: Alloy, the pipe diameter:48mm <br>Cover 250 gr polyester PU coated <br>And has w. Flap and w. Air vent <br> <br>Outer packing:1pc/carton. <br>Carton dimensions:1.8x0.2x0.2=0.072(stere)gross weight:8.4kg <br>Net weight:7kg. <br> <br>Price:40 USD/one piece(thedalian harbor of china, <br>The item of payment: L/c <br> <br>Welcome to contact us

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