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DeBaYa is one of the creative company. We started our global business since 1999. Our location is in suburban city of Bangkok. Our history has begun since year 1999 by a young and energatic graduate student who foresee the future.<br><br>Digital Inkjet Direct To Garment Printing The Revolutionary Garment Printing Service from Debaya.<br>We accept custom-printed jobs using our revolutionary world-class printing technology. It delivers millions of deliversmillions of colors and the sharpest details while <br><br>retaining theultra-softness of natural cotton. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.<br><br>Print up to 16 million colors<br>Your life is so colorful so why restrict yourself to just one color? Maybeyou are used to hearing you can only do it in one color. And for each additional color, you have to <br><br>pay even more. Welcome to our new world where you can have all the colors. Yes, millions of colors, every imaginable color. And the best thing yet? At no extracharge. <br><br>Sharpness and Gradient<br>Traditional methods such as silkscreen printing prints at a resolution of 200 dpi,we print at 1440 dpi. Thats 7X more details. We are talking photoquality here. Gradients <br><br>look seamlessly smooth. Smoke looks like realsmoke. Fine lines? Well, lets say we can even capture a strand of hair. Basically, we produce the sharpest-looking t-shirts.<br><br>Soft Feel<br>Sometimes, do you feel like you are wearing a piece of plastic on your t-shirt? With our printing service and your t-shirts can only feel the ultra-softness and comfort of pure <br><br>cotton. Thats because each single droplet of ink goes directly into the cotton fibres, creating the most lasting print and the most comfortable t-shirt that you have ever <br><br>experienced.<br><br>T-shirt Quality<br>We provide our quality t-shirts from many sources in Thailand. One of the biggest source is from Thailand garment wholesale market. We also can custom-made the t-shirts <br><br>as require. The basic t-shirt is 100% cotton, thread no. 20 and no. 32.<br><br><br>Specifications<br>Up to 30 cm x 50 cm<br>300 dpi in actual size<br>RGB mode<br>tif, ai, jpg, png or psd file format

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DeBaYa Co.,Ltd.


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Digital Inkjet Direct To Garment Printing Service

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