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I am a farmer who decide to export my products (black pepper and acai) but i decide to do something to save the amazonia, so i decide to rent the trees i have in my farm, but i realized that is not enough to save the amazonia, than i decide to talk with my neibourghs, so we together do what need to be done, because of that idea we start to talk with many people around us and we'd find out that there are many places called reserved area, where there were many families living, but now they can not work their farms, and the experts told them that they must survive with the products the forest provide to them, well they are not animals, they are humans being for god sake. Many of them moved to the nearest cities, to work to provide food to their families. So the worse happened, the money that they were errning working was not enough to feed their families, and in some of their families the daughters became prostitutes, sons thieves, and in many cases drug deallers, i am not telling this because someone told me because i live here and i decide to do something to help my people, but not using the excuse of preservation, but doing what need to be done, help them to stay in their land and been payed for that. You must be thinking, what kind of miracle hi is talking about, it is not miracle, i will rent the trees of my farm, my neibourghs farms and the trees on tihs farms as well, so can save the forest and feed there families, <br>If you have a car, please rent five trees, to help to reduce carbon efect that you produce, ok? Lets joint forces and save the world <br>

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