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Dongguan Lomsn Mould Steel Co., Ltd.which is in the business line of special steel is the subsidiary company of the Omei Group. <br>Lomsn was established in 1997. Its goal is to meet the increasingly diverse customer needs of domestic and world market. Since its establishment, Lomsn has committed herself to provide mould steel services to mould manufacturers in the industries such as automobile, telecommunication, machinery and electronics. We also supply customers with machining, cutting, accurate grinding, heat treatment and surface treatment so as to perfect the sales and supply systems for customers. <br> <br>Our company is located in Chang'an Town of Dongguan City which has very convenient transportation and our company is about 70km to Guangzhou and 30km to Shenzhen. <br> <br>Business Tenet <br> <br>Supply perfect mould steel and machining services for the customers with self-reliant brand and good distribution network. Help the manufacturers who need excellent moulds to boost their competitiveness. Take win-win, efficiency and product sophistication for our business philosophy and take sustainable growth and profit sharing with employees for our longtime business target.Endeavor to become the mainly professional mould steel sales and service company in China. <br> <br>Environment and Security <br>Dongguan LOMSN Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is engaged in the environment campaign with local community to promote the harmonious development of the environment and puts the health and safety of the employees in the first place. We stress the public responsibility and reduce the environment pollution constantly. We persist in preventing pollution, preserving resources, reducing waste and emphasizing resource recycling in our company. We deeply sense that the environment protection is the priority of the business operation.

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Dongguan Lomsn Mould Steel Co., Ltd.


Jintou Industry, Shatou,Chang'an Town,Dongguan,P.R.China



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