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We located in Taiwan and Hong Kong, We are one of the dried fruits leading importer, and welcome all kinds of dried fruits exporters directly contact to our compnay. <br>Our gruop is organized by one of Hong Kong company, and 4 of Taiwanese company. The company from Hong Kong is a manufacture for dried fruits products, and processing some fresh fruist to be preseved fruits. And one of Taiwanese company is also a manufacturer that is also handling the edible nut processing and marketing. And the rest of companies are importing company. We are based in importing these products: Sultana raisins, thompson raisins with seed and thompson raisins without seeds, jumbo golden raisins, flame raisins, red globe raisins, dried blueberries, dried rasberries, dried plums, natural condition prunes, natural dried date (type: Piarum) , dried cranberries, mechanical pistachios (size 22 / 24) , natural open pistachios (size: 22 / 24) , pumpkin seed, sunflower seed (grade 22 / 64) inshell, sweet apricut kernel, inshell almond n / p. And other healthy foods. <br>If you are a maker or manufacturer for above mentioned products, please feel free to directly contact us, you will get response immediately. <br>

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Dried Fruits And Edible Nut Food Importation Group


2fl. , No. 26, alley one, Lane 278, Yong Ji Road,


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Sultana Raisins

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