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Bitzzang is the culmination of ENDAM's own technological power, achieved after five years of ongoing research efforts. Its success is based on the know-how we have accumulated while developing doors and windows for numerous construction projects over the last 30 years, under the name of Yungki Corp., a company specializing in system windows.<br><br>Bitzzang's technological power is among the top in the lock industry, as we have our own proprietary designs that make the high-tech door lock system possible, from the fingerprint recognition algorithm, electronic design, device designs, and even product designs. <br> <br>Everyone in ENDAM puts their best efforts into research and development of products that customers demand. We promise our customers that we will continue to devote ourselves to the development of new products and items that the public can trust, and to provide services that will ensure the highest customer satisfaction.<br><br>We sincerely hope that our Bitzzang products, the best brand of digital door lock system, will help you realize all the best for your family.

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Room 901 Youngdong-Techno Tower, # 300-4, Sungsu 2-ga 3-dong, Sungdong-gu, Seoul, Korea


South Korea

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building material

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