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We cultivate SALT in 1600 acres of our own field and our state of the art Refinery is situated near TUTICORN, TAMIL NADU. Salt production continues for 9 months in a year and our annual production hovers around 100, 000 tons per annum. We supply raw salt to chloro alkali industries. <br>Our Refinery has an installed capacity of 55000 tons per annum. And our refinery uses around 50000 tons of salt, per annum. There are three types of salts being manufactured by our refinery. <br>Free Flowing Iodised Edible Salt<br>We market our own brand of edible free flow iodized salt &quot; KRISTAL&quot;, in consumer packs and we enjoy tremendous equity for this brand in South India. We are also supplying EDIBLE IODIZED SALT to MNC'S. <br>We have acquired BIS Certification, whch indicates our concern for best quality and maintenance of the same throughout. <br>Refined FreeFlow Industrial Grade Salt. <br>It is consumed in bulk by various textile-dyeing units and other industries. <br>Refined FreeFlow Pure Grade Salt. <br>This variety is manufactured specially for certain industries where specifications are very stringent in terms of purity of refined salt which is maintained at 99. 6% . The impurities like calcium and magnesium are pegged at very low levels to the tune of Parts per Million which illustrates our technical capabilites. <br>Quality Assurance System<br>1) Raw salt heaps are analysed for calcium, magnesium and insolubles, in the salt works. <br>2) Heaps are chosen which meet specifications. <br>3) Quality is again checked for crucial parameters. <br>4) Quality is checked before salt enters the refinery. <br>5) Quality is checked as salt comes out of centrifuge as wet material. <br>6) Iodisation levels are checked after salt comes out of the dryer. <br>7) Partical size is checked after salt passes through the screens. <br>8) Finished product is checked for all prameters. <br>Salient Features of Our Refinery. <br>1) Double washing helps reduce calcium and magnesium levels to the minimum. <br>2) Magnets at strategic points during refining help remove unwanted iron particles. <br>3) Vibro screens help remove unwanted foreign particle. <br>4) We dry the salt in fludised bed dryer which is capable of reducing the mositure of final to less than 0. 2% . <br>5) Packing of finished products take plce in Form, Fill & Seal machines. <br>6) Bulk packing is done using the same method with electronic weighing systems. <br>7) The whole refinery is maintained in a hygenic condition at any given time. <br>8) We adhere strictly to delivery schedules.

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