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Under the current climate of increasing material and labour costs, and constant downward price pressure from Customers, there will be products and processes in your plant that just don't provide the levels of contribution that your financial model requires. You may have focussed on a Lean strategy, to take waste out of your organisation, but this often isn't enough to get you where you need to be. Your business has probably had to reduce or freeze its fixed costs to protect the bottom line, which can leave you without the necessary infrastructure to effectively manage the ever more complex activities required to supply your Customers. <br>Some of the more successful of today's manufacturing companies have chosen to pursue a strategy which almost exclusively concentrates on Marketing, R& D, sales and their higher margin, patented and / or more sensitive components, outsourcing their high volume and / or labour intensive operations-thereby eliminating problems of production, staffing and continuing plant modernisation. <br>Does your Business need help in any of the following activities? <br>- Outsource or sub-contract cost benchmarking<br>- Outsourcing product assessment and identification<br>- Supplier sourcing for one off orders or a product range<br>- Total process transfer project management<br>If you would like to discuss any of the opportunities above, to determine if I can help your Business become more profitable and competitive, then please make contact so that we can discuss your needs.

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Eutaktika Ltd


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