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AIPEX BUNGEE is an international company specializing in producing high quality recreational equipment. A large sales scale is a factor stimulating the company to constantly develop to its&rsquo; production potential. AIPEX BUNGEE company has production departments in India.<br> AIPEX BUNGEE complies with the trends in the recreational amusement industry, and the company&rsquo;s range of goods is constantly expanded with new types and designs of equipment offered. The design specialist teams work with customers to meet their needs. The company recognizes that the satisfaction of the customer is of the utmost importance in order to maintain long term relationships. Therefore, the company uses the newest technologies, the best materials and components to produce high quality and safe recreational equipment. Many of the materials and components are manufactured in- house. This capability is rare in the entertainment and recreation equipment industry. Safety and quality are priority. The company produces equipment that meets high safety standards, as is evident with the growing number of orders and the carefree amusement experienced by the users. <br><br> <br> The willingness and openness to cooperate with private individuals, companies and production concerns has enabled the company to evolve into not only the producer of recreational equipment, but also the producer of promotional advertisements. High production experience, gained by implementing many major contracts.<br> <br> aipexbungee formerly Known as In Khushabu Enterprise started in 1990 with manufacturing of pool and billiard tables. Now aipexbungee has started manufacturing bungy trampoline of the highest quality and standards What ever nature and size of your requirement you can depend upon aipexbungy to deliver with precision.<br> aipexbungee offer customers a wide selection Our identity &ldquo;aipexbungy&rdquo; is the hallmark of quality products in Indian as well as global market. We are currently doing business with Europe and Middle East countries.<br><br> aipexbungy is the leader provider in India of Bungy Trampoline systems with our top quality products, guaranteed low prices and the best costumers service ever! With the brand name &ldquo;aipexbungy&rdquo;. <br><br> &quot;Our vision achieves its leading brand status through constantly striving to exceed customer's expectations and always delivering on every promise, however small.&quot;

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