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EZ Dupe Taiwan has been providing advanced disc duplication systems for almost a decade. Our headquarter office ILY Enterprise, INC. Was established in 1995 and since then we have continued to expand our product line. We carry hard drive, floppy disk, CD, PCMCIA, Zip, and DVD duplicators. <br>We have a new Athena controller and Hercules case that are perfect examples of how technologically advanced and multi-functional we are. The Athena controller and Hercules case are designed with the user in mind and are both ideal far ahead of the industry standard. Through many countless hours of training and experience, we are very confident that you will receive the best customer service and quality. <br>We not only sell separate components we also provide OEM, private labeling, and other solutions such as bundle packages and bare-bone systems. All of our products are high quality and come with the best service and technical support. <br>

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