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We would like to introduce ourselves as FARIN INTERNASYONAL KIMYA; one of the biggest buyer and supplier of native and modified starches mainly potato, tapioca, maize. Our company is a member of world's leading native and modified starch producer and supplier, namely EMSLAND GROUP. <br>We have been serving many countries such as Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Iran, Egypt, Morrocco, Tunisia, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Kenya and etc, with our products and technical service. The aim in granting such a market was the believe, that thanks to a technical equipment and substructure with 13 yearly experience, a young and professional staff could be able to open larger markets considering the similarities in culture, language and religion. <br>Our main range of applications are as follows: <br>A) Paper & Adhesive Industry <br>Starches, based on potato, tapioca and corn for varying purposes such as wet-end, surface starches, coating starches. Moreover, paper and waste water treatment chemicals are in our product range. <br>Also, our special starch based adhesives have a large dissolving range. This special range makes them to a universal adhesive for the manufacturing of multiply paper sacks. <br>B) Textile Industry <br>Our main products are modified starches for sizing, cold water soluble sizing products, printing thickeners, waxes, special blends for PES / COT and fine yarns, printing thickeners & auxiliaries. <br>C) Food Industry <br>Our main products are native wheat starch, modified wheat starches, tapioca starches, pea starches, potato granules, potato flakes, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, gluten, texturized soy protein, powder soy protein, carragennans carmine oleoresins (black pepper, capsicum, coriander, cumin seed, paprika) and garlic oil. <br>Our products are developed in close cooperation with our customers and the machine manufacturers. We are furthermore concerned with continuous further-development of the means of product manufacturing and processing. <br>We are quite confident to fulfill your requirements with our quality proven products and with our regular technical service. <br>Please, do not hesitate to contact us. <br>

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