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Be it men or women, kids or teenagers we have something for everyone. Elegant and sophisticated Indian Bandhini silk and Khadi silk tunic / tops, suitable for any formal occasion. Prints in Indian cotton for the hot summer days, block printed long and short skirts, sexy and trendy halter necks in large number and variety. Tunics / tops in exclusive Indian Khadi cotton and Jute cotton, Indian kurta / kurtis, halters, spaghettis and camisoles are awaiting the women and teenage girls. Beads, typical Indian sequins works, ethnic Indian embroidery rarely found anywhere outside India, metal work in abundance. Beautiful sandals and jewelry to adorn yourself. For little girls we have some lovely gypsy style skirts. <br>Gone are the days when Indian 'kurtas' and 'Om shirts' were seen only on the hippies of the 60s and 70s. Fast-forward to 2007 and you have clothes everyone desires. Indian fashion has come a long way. The appeal of these designs probably lies in the fact that they are essentially Indian in spirit, but global in appeal and concept. <br>For those who really think about being fashionable and are culturally aware at the same time, explore the Indian fashion online at Fashion Trends OF India<br>Come and discover a little more of Fashion Trends of India.

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Fashion Trends Of India


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Ethnic skirts

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