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Footstep management is established in 1995, Copenhagen, Denmark. <br>We are a trading & management company, our main export is raw skins, to the europien and Asian market. <br>We have several buying offices and warehouses in djibouti, somalia, u. A. E and Ethiopia. <br>Our tannery is located in somaliland (North somalia) , were all of our skins is tanned. <br>Our production output is daily: 3000pcs. Sheep & goat, 150pcs. Cow (300sides) <br>In addition we also produce 150pcs. Pickled camel hides per day. <br>We have a good reputation in the market, as our top priority is to deliver quality materials, and always saticfie our customers demands 100% . <br>Any questions or for more specification please Feel free to let us know. <br>

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Footstep Mangement


Terrasserne 9 St. Th



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Dry Salted Skin Wet Blue Skin

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