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France Paratonnerres has been providing lightning protection solutions since 1974. Our products include Early Streamer Emission air terminals (ESE) named Ioniflash, simple air terminals, meshed cages together with a full range of accessories. <br>Our products are distributed in 36 countries all over the world. <br> <br>The Early Streamer Emission air terminal Ioniflash is reliable, electronic free and has a long lasting capacity with no maintenance. This is why we offer our customers a unique 5 years warranty. <br> <br>The Ioniflash lightning rods have been created for your safety. Their performances and reliability have not yet been equalled on the worldwide market. <br> <br>- In accordance with NF C 17-102 and UNE 21 186 standards <br>- Approval tests: Pau University's Electrical Discharges Laboratory (France) obtained October 29th,1996 and October 23rd,2001 <br>- Early streamer emission time in accordance with standards (Ioniflash 129/60 micro second)

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France Paratonnerres


Zone D'activite Du Clocher



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Lightning protection

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