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Dears, <br>We are an expert and professional marketing company in my country, Iran. Since, we are a reliable and reputable marketing group, and we have more than 50 expert marketers, we do the marketing for our clients in my country in different fields. We are glad to annouce that we have a permanent showroom that we offer the samples in different fields to the clients and buyers and we get the best orders, because most of the businessmen in my country do not know the international trading and are not familiar with the UCP600, eUCP, Incoterms and the terms of payment, so we do for them. Now, we offer the best oppertunity in order to send your samples to our showroom and get benefit of our free marketing for your products. <br>BEST WISHES <br>MOHAMMAD GHANBARI <br>THE HEAD MANAGER <br>

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Ghanbari co.


7 Shahid Mosavi Pasdaran Street



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