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Pgs, the grounding facility specialist ensuring perfect guarantee on grounding facilities known as impossibility of prevention from direct lightning damage. <br> <br>The purpose of 100% prevention from lightning damage which said that it is not possible, composing pgs (perfect ground system) team consisted of 3 persons having doctor of science and an electrical device technical expert in 1999 to look for not existent electricity theory but physical solution, completed research and development in pgs method of construction through correlation between ground resistance and impedance, and study of special features of lightning strike. <br> <br>A specializing company in ground, lightning protection and esd solution which has 100% assurance, compensation for any damages in case occurred and more than 30 years warranty

Company Introduction

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ground co.,Ltd


#2611, Daechung Tower, Gaepo-dong, Gangnam Gu


South Korea

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Main Products:

Surge protector

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