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Our company was established in 1988 with 20 years' history on pencil slat manufacture. Our production capability is 5 million GRS each year. Products are exported to overseas countries and are well received by customers. With American advanced softening technics and high temperature sterilization, we can produce pencil slat free from contamination, leveling shade, appropriate fiber softening, wooden shavings coiling, pleasing to the eye, soft to the feel and with fragrant smell. We have years of research and development experience in SPEQ and soften board production. <br> <br>Our production lines are: <br>1. Narrow slat jointed machine, raising the operating factor of narrow board. <br>2. Pencil slat automatic screening machine, replacing manual selection with fewer turnovers, high efficiency, and steady quality. <br>3. Pencil slat square stack machine, labor-saving 70%, piling up neatly, no warp, rational ventilation, even drying and energy conservation. <br>4. Pencil slat circle stack machine, well designed, simple, highly automated, labor-saving 90%, and effect on aeration agitation is much better than hand stowage. <br>5. Soften pencil slat six plane automatic processing machine, high efficiency, highly automated, labor-saving 70%, and exact standard dimension. <br> <br>Equipment mentioned above are all produced under reliable PLC program manipulation. And products are all available in stock.

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Harbin Linhai Pencil Co., Ltd.


Zhongshan district,Dalian,Liaoning, CHINA



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Pencil slat

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