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Our Company is professional in all kinds of umbrellas and rain accessories. The Company's office and showroom is established in Hong Kong with a strong manufacturing supports in PRC. <br>We have a wide range of products to meet different customer's need such as umbrella with reasonable price for give away items, tailor made brand name umbrella as well as OEM umbrella which can have your own logo printed for promotional use. <br>We always keep ourselves innovative, our R& D Department is comprising different material application developers for umbrella frames, accessory parts, new fabric design and so on. With this strong networking, we are sure that we always ride the front edge of know how and technology on sketching future products of this industry. <br>Besides, customer services and superior product quality are our direction. The sales team always synchronizes with the market pace, to satisfy customer's need and our quality control department always keeps up with the highest quality standard. <br>Our company keeps on expanding the business and we are sure that we will be your right choice of partner which you will be worry free about the delivery schedule, product quality, professionalism of our sales. <br>Please kindly visit our website, and feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products or you can provide us some information about the umbrella you need and we will get back to you right away! ! <br>We are looking forward to start and establish a long term business relationship with you. <br>

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Hongkong Umbrella Co., Ltd.


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