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O-buster oxygen abosorber is made in taiwan for over 15 years. <br> <br>O-buster is safe to use. It is hygenic, non-toxic, has no smell, and is not a preservative or additive. O-buster does not mix with food; its durable packaging material cannot be torn easily. Ink on the 0-buster sachet is protected by a layer of plastic film, so it does not contact food. <br>By using o-buster, the handicaps of gas flushing and vacuum packing are overcome. O-buster totally absorber oxygen inside the food package. <br> <br>O-buster is completely safe. It is not edible, at the same time, it is non-toxic. No harmful gases or smell are created, and o-buster doesn't remove the refresh smell and taste of the roduct. <br> <br>A new future tangible benefits of o-buster <br>-increase the value of your products. <br>Optimise your production line. <br>-can greatly reduce the need for chemical preservatives. <br>-deliver larger quanties of product, fewer times. <br>-enlarge shipping area from one production facility. <br>-decrease return rates for food that has exceeded its expiry date. <br>-kills molds and insects, preserves freshness and taste.

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Hsiao Sung Non-Oxygen Chemical Co., Ltd.


No.2, Lane 102, Chung-Ching Road


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Most advanced food freshness keeper

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